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This is our primary field of expertise. We are experts at design of timber roof structures of any size, shape or complexity. We undertake a variety of projects, including both pitched roofs and flat roofs with varying degrees of geometrical complexity.

We offer the following services:

Fully Engineered Roof Truss Design Service: This service offers a fully inclusive design. Each individual component of the roof is designed & engineered. Detailed drawings are provided which include fully dimensioned roof layouts showing labelled trusses, loose timber, infill material sizes, metalwork, bracing & notes. Section details & individual truss profiles are also provided. Relevant details including (but not limited to) eaves details, verge, valley, dormer, bracing, hangers are prepared as necessary.

Drawings are provided in PDF & DWG format and we can also provide our export 3D model in a variety of revit compatible formats. A 3d model can also be viewed in your web browser. A short web link & QR code can be included on drawings to ensure access to latest drawings at all times.

Material schedules & production details can be provided if required. Production details are provided for use with the Mitek system. Supporting calculations can be provided for both BS5268 & EC5.

We can undertake projects of any sizes & any complexity. Previous work includes a variety of projects ranging from large and complex commercial type projects (including schools, retirement homes, MOD buildings) to smaller one off developments and work for national house builders.

Where necessary, we can work to very tight time scales (this may incur an additional fee & is subject to availability & design capacity).

Our extensive experience in the industry ensures accuracy & exceptional quality from the beginning to the completion of your project. You can be confident that your project will be completed on time and to the quality you will come to expect from us.

Roof Drafting Service: This service offers drawings similar to those described above, however it does not include engineering of the individual roof components & no production details or calculations will be provided.

Please contact us with your requirements.

Please see some of our example work below. (Click Thumbnail to enlarge) A limited selection of our 3d roof models are also available to view in your web browser.