Terms and Conditions of Use

Please read the following terms & condition carefully.

1. The material found on this website (acutedesign.co.uk) including the design, layout, text, graphics, source code and all other material is copyright protected.

2. Whilst we strive to ensure the accuracy and availability of this website at all times, we accept no responsiblity for problems caused by any errors or downtime. We accept no liability for claims, losses or damages relating to this.

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4. By visiting this website you are considered to have accepted all terms and conditions.

5. We reserve the right to make any amendments to these terms and conditions at any time and without notification.

Terms and Conditions of our Services

1. By accepting our services, you are considered to have agreed to the following terms and conditions in addition to the above.

2. All designs are covered through own Professional Indemnity Insurance. However, we respectfully request your attention to the Drawing Notes / Disclaimer (provided on each drawing) which outlines design responsiblities and should be read in conjunction with these terms and conditions. The Drawing Notes / Disclaimer is also available by clicking here.

3. For information regarding responsibilities of the roof designer, please refer to the TRA Technical Handbook & BS5268 part 3 section 10.

4. Please note manufacture details & calculations can be provided for truss manufactures using either the Gangnail or Mitek systems. We would advise manufacturers using other truss systems to re-engineer the trusses based upon the profiles on our design drawings.

5. Floor Design Service - Please note we are currently only offering a drafting service as we are unable to fully engineer floor designs due to software constraints. We would request floor manufacturers to advise which joist system is to be used (FFI, JJI, BCI, Steico etc) & we will design accordingly. Please note that responsibility remains with the floor manufacturer.

6. Timber Frame Service - Please note design is for drafting services only. Confirmation & calculations will need to be dealt with by a structural engineer.

7. All prices will be quoted prior to work commencing.

8. Reduced rates are currently available on the first design awarded to us. This will be applied to the first design only and will show on the first invoice. We are also offering discounts for gauranteed volumes of work. The discount will be applied once the relevant threshold has been reached and will show on the subsequent invoice. Any further designs will be invoiced with the relevant discount. Value of work is only accumulated for the period Jan - Dec inclusive and does not carry over to the following More year. Please note we reserve the right to remove this offer at any time without notification.

9. Before work is commenced, we require written acceptance of the quoted price & confirmation to proceed (eg an order, a letter of intent or email).

10. We require payment for all designs within 4 weeks after date of prelimary drawing issue. Revisions are provided free of charge. Revisions include minor re-design, and dimensional changes. Extensive re-design will be charged on a per hour basis.

11. Each provision of these terms and condition operate seprately. If any provision is found by a court to be unreasonble or inapplicable, all remaining provisions will continue to apply.

12. We reserve the right to make any amendments to these terms and conditions at any time and without notification. More